FIA Warns of Reductions in Fire Cover for Businesses

Monday, 23 May 2011

Following a survey carried out by the Fire Industry Association (FIA) into the Fire and Rescue Services (FRS) nationwide, the Association found that 12 FRS have modified their attendance due to false alarms.

If your fire alarm system is not kept in perfect working order, false alarms can occur.  Whilst this used to be simply inconvenient, it now means that your Fire Rescue Service may not attend or may delay attending in the case of a real fire.  That leaves your property, your people and your business at risk.  Even leaving aside the potential for personal injury, the financial implications alone can mean that recovery after a serious fire at your premises is all but impossible.  Your infrastructure, live data, systems and archives can all be wiped out.

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Most brigades seem to have call challenging in place but other than the FRS’s listed below; they will still attend even if the fire can’t be verified by a phone call.

The following FRS’s have moved away from full attendance at Automatic Fire Alarm (AFA) signals from commercial premises: This information is available publically on the FRS websites.

Trial running in Southsea & Cosham with reduced attendance between 9am & 5pm

From 2012 no attendance unless fire can be verified

No attendance between 0900 and 2100 unless fire can be verified

No attendance to offices, shops and factories unless fire can be verified

Reduced attendance at all time unless fire has been verified

No attendance to non-high risk premises unless a fire is confirmed

Reduced attendance unless fire is verified

No attendance between 0700 and 2000 unless fire is confirmed

West Midlands
No attendance between 0700 and 2000 to low risk premises unless fire is confirmed

West Yorkshire
No attendance to persistent false alarm premises unless 999 call received

May suspend attendance to persistent offenders

Greater Manchester
Reduced attendance unless fire is confirmed

Reduced attendance unless fire is confirmed

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