Govt brings forward false alarm charging rulings

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The government has brought forward new regulations which will allow fire services to charge companies for attending persistent false alarm call outs.

Under the coalition's Localism Act, Fire and Rescue Authorities will be given the right consider charging for attendance at false fire alarms which have been set off by malfunctioning or "misinstalled" warning equipment.

It was initially expected that the new order would not come into effect until April 2012 but the government has confirmed that Fire and Rescue Authorities in England will immediately have the right to go out to consultation to consider charging for attendance at certain types of false alarms.

However, fire authorities will still not be able to charge for a number of core functions such as providing emergency medical assistance.

This new legislation aims to encourage UK businesses to regularly maintain their fire alarms and reduce the cost and time lost by fire services due to false alarms.

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